New Cyclist

Thanks for visiting our page! We are more than willing to recommend some safety gear to you.



Image of cycling helmet for new cyclist.

We recommend wearing a helmet at all times. Any standard bike helmet that you purchase will meet DOT code. If you want a lighter helmet that's where your going to spend a bit more money.

*While riding we do require you to wear a helmet at all times.*


Image showing front and rear lights mounted on a bike in the dark.

When riding it is smart to have a light with you at all times, even during the day. We recommend a standard bike light that can be mounted to the handlebars. Any standard light from a big box retailer will do fine. You can spend more money having a higher lumen count, but you shouldn't need anything over 600 lumen.

We also recommend having a rear light. Again these can be purchased from a big box, or Online retailer. Most of the tail lights have different modes of flashing and brightness. For a tail light you shouldn't need anything over 500 lumen.