2/15/19 Internship Update

This week I had gone through my work samples that I am using on my portfolio site. I had taken the peer feedback and the feedback from Tammy on the assignment. I had taken the feedback of using the same template for my websites and had rebuilt my portfolio website. I had then taken my work samples and improved them. I primarily had to fix validation issues for HTML, CSS and fix accessability issues on my sites. I had fixed all the HTML validation issues on my pages and CSS issues. I did run into a few issues with the accessibility though. I had errors ranging from 8-14 per page. I was able to get all of my pages down to one error except my contact form. The contact from I have uses API’s and I can’t get into the CDN links to remove the href link. I had worked with Dom on fixing the errors, but we didn’t have any luck with it. Once I had finished testing accessibility I had moved to SEO fixes. I had ensured to spruce up my keywords, descriptions titles and link titles for the pages.

I had also submitted the paper work to Tammy for an internship project. I am rebuilding a website for a sub division. The current website was built using HTML and the owner doesn’t know who to update content. We had agreed that using WordPress would be their best option. I am excited to get a start on this project.

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