About Us

Amy Doe


Amy Doe is the owner and founder of Adventure Travel. Amy has over 15 years of experience being a Travel agent. Amy has always loved traveling and she’s turned that passion into a career. “I love travel, but I think I love getting to see the excitement on a young couples face when I’m able to book them their dream honeymoon the most.”

Nicki Benetar

Travel Agent

Nicki Benetar is one of our talented travel agents. Nicki has worked as a travel agent for 5 years. “I always remembered the vacation my family took to Rome when I was 11 years old. It’s one of my favorite memories from my childhood and I just want to help other people have memories like mine.”

John Davis

Travel Agent

John Davis is our other talented travel agent. John has been a travel agent for 3 years. “My family always traveled when I was growing up and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Now I enjoy helping others experience the world just like I did.”